In the very heart of Tuscany, a few km from Florence arises Ceramiche Borgioli. This small pottery workshop is a family-run concern where passion for ceramics glues together tradition and innovation.


In the very heart of Tuscany, in Ginestra Fiorentina, there is a small workshop, born from the great dream of a child. That child today is a ceramist, deeply in love with each of his creation.
Born in 1964, Piero Borgioli is a potter by vocation. As Michelangelo said of its own sculptures: The sculptor’s hand can only break the spell to free the figures slumbering in the marble block. And so it was for the potter within Piero, that the passage of time made come outside.
In 1982, Piero began working as a potter. Some years later, just with his own forces, succeeded in creating his own handicraft entity. That is a small family-run business, in which collaborates Piero’s wife: Daniela.
Ceramiche Borgioli is for decades an handicraft workshop, hybrid between respect for tradition and modernity. Every creation born from Piero’s hands is unique and unrepeatable, up-to-date in collections, but always respecting the centuries-old technique of Terracotta.

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